Omfg that last pic of Niall you reblogged is so cute I am an emotional mess.

[x] He looks really really good, oh my god, I just wanna cry. I don’t know how those people are still alive like

what do you think of mpreg fics?

I think it depends on how it’s written like this story in particular completely amazed me just because of the acknowledgements that, to an extent, it is unnatural and it might sound like I’m taking this waaaay too seriously but I honestly can’t read stories where the context is just like, some guy gets pregnant and everyone’s okay with it and he’s pretty much the only case in history, like I need substance, you know? So I like it, if it makes sense!

Niall pretending to conduct the band 09/16/14


Harry Styles + Phoenix, AZ (09/16/14)