Due Date [Narry] 1/3

Summary: Niall’s due with twins any day now and he couldn’t be more miserable!

A.N.: No real prompt, just thought I’d try my hand at mpreg! It is my first time writing something like this so gimme a break if it’s a little…off… idk *shrugs* enjoy? maybe? it’s mostly fluff

“Ow, Harry,” Niall whined, reaching out a hand to swat at Harry’s arm but Harry was just out of reach, typing away on his laptop at the desk beside the bed. Niall let out an annoyed huff and glared at Harry. “I hate you so much!”

Instantly, Harry rushed over, leaving his laptop to kneel beside Niall on the bed. “Why? What’s wrong?” Harry watched Niall nervously, reaching out a hand to touch Niall’s arm lightly.

Niall shoved Harry’s hand away before he let out a sob. “I feel fat!” Niall barely managed to cross his arms over his bulging belly that held not one but two bright green eyed and brown haired babies, ready to come out at any day. “This is all your fault!” Niall glared at his barely visible toes before he let out another whine. “I hate you so much!”

Harry let out a sigh and leaned across the bed to kiss the side of Niall’s head lightly. For the last few weeks, Niall had had almost uncontrollable mood swings and, despite the fact that Harry thought he would be used to it by now, he always found he never was. Niall could go from extremely happy to uncontrollably angry to horribly self conscious in a heartbeat and Harry just had to be there for him as best he could, taking the brunt of the attack gracefully.

“You’re not fat, babe.” Harry stroked Niall’s hair across his forehead. “You’re beautiful.” Harry next reached out a hand to uncross Niall’s arms before he stroked his palm across Niall’s stomach. “You’re glowing.”

Niall pouted and looked away but a light blush did paint across his cheeks. “You’re just saying that.” He mumbled, playing with a bit of his shirt.

Harry chuckled lightly before he wrapped an arm around Niall’s shoulders. Harry shifted onto his side and tugged Niall closer, kissing his forehead once more. “I’m not.” Harry let his lips linger for a moment before he pulled away and pushed himself up on his elbow so he hovered over Niall. “Now, you said ow, so what hurts?”

Niall harrumphed and tried to tug his shirt over his exposed stomach but it was a little too small to do that. “Nothing,” He murmured, still staring at his toes. “Don’t worry about it.”

“I’m worried about it.” Harry tilted Niall’s head so that their eyes met. Truth be told, he wasn’t too worried because, if Niall was really in pain, he would have this look in his eyes that he was trying to hold back a grimace and then Harry would be rushing him out the door and to the hospital even if it was only slight discomfort he was hiding.

So, Harry was humoring him, trying to discern Niall’s real goal.  “C’mon, babe,” Harry shook his head lightly before he reached out a hand. “Does it hurt here?” Harry ran his thumb across Niall’s pouted lips and Niall nodded slowly. Harry leaned in with a smile and kissed Niall’s lips lightly. “Better?”

“Yes,” Niall hummed, a small smile spreading on his lips.

“Where else does it hurt?” Harry said, lifting Niall’s shirt off completely so that he could stroke his bare belly. “Here?” Harry shuffled down the bed and he pressed a kiss to the highest part of the bump, just above Niall’s belly button, and Niall giggled. Harry moved back up to lie beside Niall and he propped his head on his fist. “Where else?”

Harry let his hand stroke absentmindedly down Niall’s stomach before he trailed it over Niall’s chest. “How about … here?” Harry thumbed a finger over Niall’s nipple and Niall gasped from the sensitivity. Harry looked up as Niall tried to arch up into Harry’s hand. Niall reached down a hand to fist fingers in Harry’s hair as he tried to guide Harry’s head lower and Harry complied, bending low. Harry pressed his mouth to Niall’s sensitive nipple, pulling on it gently between his lips before he shifted over and gave the other one the same treatment. By the time Harry sat up, Niall’s eyes were blown wide and his lips were damp and parted.

Harry swept low once more and claimed Niall’s mouth lightly but Niall returned the kiss forcefully, leaning up on his elbows. Harry smirked into the kiss before he cupped Niall’s neck and ran his tongue along Niall’s bottom lip. Niall moaned low, reaching out fingers to scramble for Harry’s shirt, when he suddenly wrenched his mouth away from Harry’s and he clapped his hands to his stomach with a cry. “Ah! Okay, ow!”

“What’s wrong?” Harry watched Niall nervously, raising a hand in partial shock toward his mouth. Fleetingly, he wondered if this was another cry for attention but, seeing as Niall already had Harry’s attention, this was definitely not that.

“Sharp pain, lower abdomen,” Niall growled mechanically before he started shuffling toward the edge of the bed and Harry crawled after him quickly. Niall had just put his legs on the floor when he cried out again and clapped hands to his stomach.

“What should I do?” Harry pressed a light hand against Niall’s pack to support him, holding his arm in the other hand.

Niall gestured toward the hallway with a shaking hand before he took a deep breath. “Go and get my day bag, Harry.” Niall spoke through gritted teeth, planting his hands in the bed beside his legs.

“What? Why?” Harry headed towards the door, walking backwards so he could still watch Niall. He knew what he suspected but he hoped to death he was false because, despite the fact that he thought he would be ready for the birth by now, he definitely was not.

“Because my water just broke.” Niall finally managed to push himself off the bed and, true to his word, there was a damp spot soaked into the covers below. Niall clapped a hand to his lower back as he started moving over towards the dresser before he glared over at Harry. “I swear I’m going to hurt you if you don’t move.”

“Right, right,” Harry rushed from the room to the spare bedroom where Niall’s bag for the hospital was. When Harry returned to their bedroom, Niall was wearing different sweatpants and had a very loose shirt on. “Still in pain?”

Niall spun around and grabbed Harry’s shirt in tight hands. “You get me to the hospital right now, so help me God,” Niall squeezed his eyes shut and reached down to clutch at his stomach, letting out a pained whine.

Harry wrapped his arm around Niall’s shoulders and began to guide him toward the front door. “Okay, just- just breathe, breathe. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.” Harry took deep slow breathes as Niall sat on a little bench beside the front door and Harry helped him put his shoes on.

Harry looked up when he heard a laugh above him and he saw that Niall was smiling down at him. “Oh, god. You’re so stupid.” Niall shook his head, cheerful for the first time since this panic and Harry smiled back at him but the moment of joy was short lived. Niall’s face was quickly marred with another grimace as he held his stomach, letting out another whimper through the pain.

Harry cupped Niall’s cheek to distract him and he gave him a lingering kiss. “Love you. So much.” Harry smiled confidently at Niall, fixing the bag on his shoulder before he helped Niall stand up again.

Niall bit his bottom lip lightly but nodded. “I love you too. Now, let’s go.”

Wanna see what happens Nine Months Later?

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