Four Years Later… [Narry] 3/3

Read this first and this second. 

Niall walked down the stairs slowly, clutching something in his right hand. As he headed down, two small figures ran past him. “Boys! Be careful! Don’t run in the house!” Niall called after them, pressing a hand to the wall as he glared after Jeremy and Kyle.

“Okay, Pa!” Kyle stopped running, turning to look at Niall, but Jeremy kept running, disappearing into the kitchen. Kyle followed him, at a slower pace, and Niall brought up the rear. Instantly, as Kyle walked into the room, Jeremy started chasing him again and they both ran circles around the island.

“Boys,” Harry started in a deep, authoritarian voice. “Your Pa told you to stop running.”

This time, Jeremy stopped running instantly, looking down and kicking the ground slightly. Kyle stopped beside him just as Jeremy spoke in a tiny voice. “Yes, Dad.”

Niall pouted as he leaned against the doorframe, shoving something deep in his pocket before he crossed his arms over his chest. “See, they listen to you.”

“Babe,” Harry cooed before he beckoned Niall closer. Niall walked up to him and Harry tugged Niall on his lap, wrapping his arms around Niall’s waist and propping his chin on Niall’s shoulder lightly. “Don’t worry about it. It’s all in the voice.” Harry looked at the twins and spoke in a deeper voice. “This is your father speaking! Fear me!” The boys squealed and ran to hide behind the island, disappearing out of sight, and Harry chuckled. “See?” Niall was still pouting so Harry sighed and pressed a lingering kiss to his ear. “If it makes you feel any better, I listen to you all the time. Did last night,” Harry whispered the last bit low so only Niall could hear him and Niall shivered, tilting his head back so he could kiss Harry deeply.

“Eww! Cooties!” Jeremy cried, jumping out from his hiding spot behind the island before he ran out of the kitchen. Kyle followed him quickly just as Niall pulled away from Harry with a pop.

Niall rolled his eyes and tried to slide off Harry’s lap but Harry still had his arms around Niall’s waist and held onto him tight. “Where’re you going? They’re gone now.” Harry jerked his head toward the door before he smirked at Niall. “Come back here.”

“I came here to talk to you.” Harry cut off the end of Niall’s sentence with a kiss and Niall returned it for a moment before he pulled away again. “It’s important, Harry.”

With a sigh, Harry leaned back in his chair but kept his arms around Niall lightly. “What’s up, Ni?”

“So, I was just… um… checking and, well,” Niall trailed off and slid off Harry’s lap. “Just look at this.” He said, reaching into his pocket and placing the contents on the table in front of Harry.

Harry looked from Niall to the small, white stick on the table before he stood up from his chair, staring down at it so he could see the two pink lines on its display. He looked up at Niall slowly, a smile spreading on his face. “You serious?” He gasped, taking Niall’s hands lightly.

Niall gnawed on his bottom lip lightly, nodding slowly. “I mean, I wanna take another test but…”

“That’s wonderful!” Harry wrapped his arms around Niall tightly and lifted him off his feet in an overzealous hug. Harry peppered Niall’s face with kisses before he finally placed Niall back on the ground and Niall stumbled back on dizzy feet, holding onto the counter so he wouldn’t fall over.

Niall smiled at Harry but he still felt apprehensive that the test was wrong and he was giving them both false hope. “It’s not certain though because tests can be faulty but…”

Harry cut Niall off again with a kiss and Niall just gave up trying to speak to him, lacing his fingers behind Harry’s head. “I wanna celebrate.” Harry murmured against Niall’s lips, grabbing at Niall’s thighs until Niall jumped and wrapped his legs around Harry’s waist.

“Mmm,” Niall moaned but he pulled away, opening his eyes slowly. “The boys,” He started, looking over toward the kitchen door.

“I’ll put the TV on, that’ll keep them busy for at least twenty minutes. And I’ll give em a granola bar in case they get hungry.” Harry put Niall back on the floor and walked over to the cupboard, pulling out the box of granola bars. “Go on upstairs and I’ll be there in two seconds.”

Niall nodded and disappeared up the stairs with a smile so Harry sauntered into the living room and put the box on the couch, looking at his sons as they pulled up little strings from the worn carpet beneath them. “Boys,” Harry started and they both snapped their heads up to look at Harry. “Your Pa and I have to talk about some important business so I’m going to put the TV on and you’ll stay down here, okay?”

“Kay!” Kyle cheered because it wasn’t often that they got to watch TV so early in the morning. Both boys sat down obediently in front of the screen and Harry turned it on to a cartoon channel, watching it for a moment to make sure it was one they liked before he stepped out of the room.

“And if you get hungry, I put some bars on the couch!” Harry called to them before he raced up the stairs, sliding down the hall until he pushed open his bedroom door.

Niall had his back to the door as he tugged his shirt off, revealing a taut, pale back. He balled the shirt in his hands and tossed it at the head of the bed, completely unaware that Harry was watching him. Niall was looking into the mirror in the corner of the room before he pressed hands to his flat stomach, rubbing lightly as a smile spread on his face. His eyes widened as he noticed Harry standing in the doorway and he spun around quickly, raising his hands to his lips in shock. “Oh, I was just…” Niall stuttered, flushing, but Harry took strides to Niall and hugged Niall to his chest, dipping to capture Niall’s lips.

“I love you.” Harry mumbled against Niall’s lips, pecking him twice. “So much.” Harry took Niall’s hands and spun around, stepping back until he sank onto the bed and he tugged Niall onto his lap. Straddling his thighs, Niall reached down and tug on Harry’s shirt, wanting it up and off. Harry pulled back so they could shuck it behind him and he rolled them over so that Niall was pressed back into the bed before finding his lips again. Niall laughed between kisses, leaning up on his elbows, before he started crawling backwards.

As Niall crawled back, Harry followed him until Niall was settled between the pillows and Harry could hover over him, reaching down to tug Niall’s sweatpants off. Harry tossed them across the room before he peeled off Niall’s boxers at a teasingly slow pace. Niall arched up and moaned, scrambling for Harry but Harry just batted his arms away. Harry kissed a path down Niall, starting at his forehead, to his nose, pecking his lips lightly before he continued down Niall’s chest. Harry stopped once he reached Niall’s stomach and his hot breath made Niall shiver as Harry just stared at it happily.

“Our baby.” Harry murmured, pressing his mouth to Niall’s stomach, and Niall giggled, lacing his fingers in curly hair to tug Harry up back to him. Harry pushed Niall’s thighs apart with gentle hands and settled between them as he kicked off his own bottoms. Harry sucked Niall’s bottom lip between his own as he reached out blindly for the bedside table, tugging the top drawer open. He fumbled in it for a bottle of lube and, with skill he’d acquired over the years, he popped the bottle open and smeared gel on his fingers. He dropped the bottle onto the floor beside the bed and reached down between them, moving fingers towards Niall’s hole until-

“Dad? What’re you doin’ to Pa?”

The small voice made Harry and Niall pull apart quickly and their heads snapped toward the door where they saw Jeremy standing just over the threshold. Behind him, they spotted Kyle, who was futilely trying to pull Jeremy away, but Jeremy was stuck in his spot, eyes wide and innocent. Harry flipped the covers over himself and Niall as they scrambled for boxers and shirts.

“I thought you said they would be watching TV!” Niall hissed in a low voice, pressing his cock low in his boxers so the bulge wasn’t evident as he tugged them on.

“Well, they were!” Harry hissed back, wiping his fingers dry on the sheets and tugging the wrong shirt over his chest before he pulled it off again. He handed it over to Niall and scrambled for his own, tugging it on when he found it. He tossed the sheets off, revealing their dishevelled appearance as their sons still stood in the door. “Boys,” Harry started in a falsely jovial tone. “You were watching TV. What happened?”

“The cartoons are done. It’s some boring old lady now.” Jeremy pouted, crossing his arms over his tiny chest.

“Didn’t your father ask you to stay downstairs?” Niall cocked his head to the side, fixing his shirt unnecessarily out of nerves.

“I told Je’my but he wouldn’t listen!” Kyle stomped his small foot, crossing his arms as well.

Harry had to clear his throat to stop the coo that threatened to leave at the way that Kyle pronounced his brother’s name, or rather mispronounced it. Harry looked over at Niall for a moment before he shrugged helplessly and Niall sighed slightly.

“What were you doin’ to Pa, Dad?” Jeremy repeated, uncrossing his arms and, instead, clasping his hands behind his back.

“We were just talking.” Harry lied, knowing that he would have to explain the birds and the bees to the boys sooner or later but he really wished it would be later.

“You were talkin’ really close.” Kyle piped up now and he swung back and forth on his feet.

Niall and Harry shared another look and Niall took a sharp breath before looking back at the boys. “Well, when two people love each other as much as your father and I do, they can talk really closely together.”

“Oh, okay!” Jeremy chirped, accepting the answer immediately.

Kyle walked closer to the bed and Niall’s heart sped up slightly; they had relatively been in the clear but, if the boys got closer, it would be evident that they weren’t ‘just talking’. But, Kyle stopped after two steps and tugged on his shirt lightly. “Can you read us a story?” And, behind, Jeremy echoed with a, “Yeah!”

“No, boys,” Niall said apologetically, wincing once the boys started whinging. “We’re not done talking. Tell you what, we’ll go downstairs and I’ll go find you some more cartoons, okay?”

“Yeah!” The twins cheered again and Niall shuffled out of bed until his feet touched the floor.

He turned to smirk over his shoulder at Harry before he started to herd the twins out of the room. “And you’ll stay downstairs this time?”

“Yes, Pa!” The twins chorused before they turned and headed out of the room with Niall. Harry watched them go with a smile before he flopped back on the bed, clasping his hands behind his head. He truly had the best family in the world.

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